Life has never been easy for twelve-year old Antonio, but since the war began there are German soldiers on every corner, fearsome gangsters and the fascist police everywhere, and no one ever has enough to eat. But when Antonio decides to trust a man who has literally fallen from the sky, he leaps into an adventure that will chance his life forever. 

The Boy and the Spy is a heart-racing story about a boy's fight for survival and belonging in Nazi-occupied Sicily. 

The story is strong on emotion and the challenges that Antonio is forced to confront. Courage, friendship and flashes of humour propel the drama to a moving conclusion. 



A play in two acts. 

Act 1: 1 hour

Act 2: 30 min. 




This play is suitable for a large cast of up to fifty or a smaller cast where players double-up on roles. Minimum requirement: fifteen.

N.B. The International School of Geneva production had a cast of fifteen.



There is an original music score to accompany the script. Audio files are available but if a school or theatre company would prefer to use an orchestra, sheet-music is also available. 



The highlight of the premiere production was the use of time-lapse drawings projected onto a large background screen as a way to deal with the many scene changes and to establish new locations. This files are included in the set-up pack of scripts, stage notes, and original music score.

N.B. Schools that prefer to create and build stage sets in lieu of the projection files are free to do so. 


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The Boy and the Spy for your next school

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Published by Penguin Random House, Australia

Felice Arena is one of Australia’s much-loved children’s authors. His books have topped bestseller lists and won several awards, including six Australian Children Choice Book Awards. 

Some of these include the Andy Roid series, the Sporty Kids books, the hugely popular Specky Magee series, and most recently his acclaimed historical adventure novels The Boy and the Spy, Fearless Frederic and A Great Escape.


His books have also been published in the UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

In addition to being a prolific writer of children's books, Felice Arena is also an accomplished actor, speaker, and TV presenter.


Early in his career he played Marco Alessi in the TV soap opera Neighbours for a year before heading off to pursue a musical theatre life in London. During his time in the UK he starred in West End musicals Hair, Godspell and What a Feeling. 

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