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Inspired by the book series


THE BESTIES WORLD - the ukulele album

Stereogram Recordings




The story behind the album by Felice Arena

I have to thank Ruby, my lively and precocious character in THE BESTIES books for being the inspiration behind the creation of the album. Throughout the series Ruby loves to play her ukulele and make up songs. While writing her lyrics I shared them with my super-talented musical mates in the Scotland. Within days they came back to me with a melody and a rough recording, and before we all knew it, we were going back-and-forth on WhatsApp with ideas for other songs inspired by Ruby.

Soon after that I headed off to Edinburgh to joined my besties to record an album inspired by the book series - and we had an absolute blast! 


We set out to create a children’s album that everyone, including parents and grandparents, could enjoy. But at the same time we wanted to produce something that would also enhance the reading experience of the books. I'd like to think that not only could these songs be incorporated into schools and music programs/concerts but also be an accessible resource for early-grade, music and drama teachers.

Official video: 'Sunshiny Feelings' -
from The Besties World - Ukulele Album 

The Besties World – The Ukulele Album is produced by UK independent record label Stereogram Recordings and is currently available on iTunes (Apple Music),  Amazon and SPOTIFY.


The Besties songs are written and sung by Andy Kelly, Felice Arena, Jeremy Thoms and Robin Thoms. 

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